Thursday, May 19, 2016

Len's Recipe of the Month - May 2016

You'll thank me for this one.   Especially if you have yet to appreciate the wonderful taste of Brussels sprouts.   Here's another one I have tried and enjoyed from the Valerie Bertinelli culinary institute.

Take about 2 pounds of Brussels sprouts.   In a medium pot, boil several inches of salted water and then add the sprouts.  Let them get to know each other for about three or so minutes.  Then drain the sprouts in a colander and rinse them with ice cold water.   Let them stay in the sink.   You have other stuff to do now.

In a decent-size saute pan, heat up two tablespoons of good olive oil.   Add about 1 cup and a half of chopped pancetta.  You can actually buy it already done.   Then add two cloves of chopped garlic.   I didn't have real cloves, but I used some of that garlic paste and it worked just as well.  Let this all get married for about eight minutes.

Now bring the colander of sprouts over from the sink.   You'll probably drip some water on the floor.   Add the sprouts to the pan mixture.  Make sure you distribute the sprouts evenly over the pan.   Let them all get acquainted for about twelve minutes.   Help it along by occasionally stirring.   The sprouts will get a golden brown color.

Just before you are ready to plate it, add a couple of tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to the pan.   This will loosen up some of the pancetta bits.

Serve it all.  And watch the smiles.

"Yes, that's what a Brussels sprout tastes like."

Dinner last night:  Thai chopped salad with chicken.

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