Friday, May 3, 2013

More Lemons, Even More Lemonade

I knew this year was going to be one of some personal journeys.  I didn't realize just how many suitcases I was going to have to pack.

You might remember my earlier post in which I discovered lemons, lemonade, and a need to address some small issues in my psyche.  As it turned out, the true resolve to these problems was to simply keep venting them here.

Little did I know that life would throw me another curveball shortly thereafter.  One that had the drop and movement worthy of Clayton Kershaw.

Yep, after over fifteen years in one spot, my day job came to an end.  I won't go into the specifics but you can read them every day in the Wall Street Journal.  Debt consolidation.  Restructuring.  Becoming more strategically innovative.  Yes, yes, and yes.  The signs are all there as all of our worlds change. 

While I was sorry to see this come to an end because of some great personal relationships, I saw this coming like an expected plot twist on "Days of Our Lives."  Sure, I am wishing the worst of all possible scenarios for some of the people involved and I know that karma does make its regular circuits in our lives.  

But, within thirty seconds, I saw the positives emerging and my only really sadness is when I checked the country's unemployment statistics the next day and I realized that I personally hadn't really moved the percentages one drop.

Quoting the newest buzz word of the corporate world, I have a very long off ramp.  This suddenly presents me with a new personal universe that allows me to do some things long neglected.  And focus on what I do here every single day.


Projects chucked to the side of the desk are now in the forefront.  Thoughts dumped onto yellow index cards are being transferred to Word documents.  People I never got to see when I traveled to New York over the past decade and a half are getting phone calls.  

The oft-used adage talks about doors closing and opening.  I'm not focused solely on the portals.  I'm thinking now about the whole foundation.  And, suddenly, the future is now.

I remember my mom suddenly not working and some of the psychological speed bumps she ran over when faced overnight with a non-routine.  I quickly adapt one.  Up by 7AM and writing at the computer by 8AM.  I buy my own laptop and get set to work here or there.  And, wait, I don't miss FedEx packages any more.  Need the plumber to come in?  Yo, what time can you get here?

I see my cleaning lady for the first time in three years and realize that she's not as heavy as I remembered.  Or maybe she lost weight.  Meanwhile, I clear out of the apartment on Thursday that she is here.  Oddly, she's more comprehensive with the Swifter when there's nobody in the house.

I fill the gas tank one less time a month.  That's good news.  My weekly load of clothes going to the dry cleaner is a bit smaller.  That's bad news for Mr. Kim who discovers that his 2013 business model has taken a hit because of me.

I am amazed that I miss the single cup of coffee that I used to enjoy every morning in the office, simply because we had one of those personal cup java makers.  I write down this potential purchase for my next trip to Bed Bath and Beyond, which no longer has to be next Saturday.  It could be tomorrow.  Or the following Monday.

I book lunches with folks and business associates as I plan the next move or project.  I realize that, for the moment, I am a one man corporation.  Len LLC.

I keep note of the friends I hear from regularly and those who stopped because my new toy smell has worn off.  I resolve to head east as much as I did previously.  Now I can go and enjoy friends and the Broadway theater and the Mets.  Okay, maybe not the Mets.

I end this particular blog entry because I know I have two other things I need to write today.  I move on.

But, first, I want to make myself a sandwich.  

And pour myself a glass of freshly squeezed lemonade.

Dinner last night:  Meat loaf and some wonderful appetizers at Fig.  Bacon wrapped bacon.....truly.

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