Thursday, May 16, 2013

Moron of the Month - May 2013

I was all set for this month.  I had a "Moron of the Month" piece ready to go for May.  

The perils of doing a blog in advance.  Especially when breaking news can bring some real idiots to your virtual doorstep.  

Of course, you can't escape what is happening with our Federal government these days.  One cover-up after another and it makes you wonder if President Obama has told his kids that their next dog will be named "Checkers."  The truth of the matter is you get what you pay for.  In this case, you get what you vote for and you can't escape the grim realities of the past several weeks in Washington, DC.  Unless, of course, you don't have a brain in your head...or watch MSNBC with a closed mind.  Wait.  That's an oxymoron.

But I digress....

The one scandal (there are actually several, at the moment) that has me really worried is the one revolving the IRS.  Apparently, they've been outed for targeting conservative political groups.  Frankly, this is not new information to me.  I actually know two people who were audited last year.  Their returns have been squeaky clean for decades.  But, suddenly, the IRS is on top of them like a Korean whore.

Simply because they donated money to a political organization not affiliated with the one currently residing in the White House.

Okay, speaking of morons, you really have to be one to donate money to any political organization, whether it be blue, red, or yellow.  This is the equivalent of taking your money and tossing it down the trash compactor.  What a waste of an income.  Giving it to some folks who don't give a shit about you.  You're better off buying shares of stock in the Edsel car.

In my humble opinion, there should be no tax exempt status for any such political groups.  I don't care what side of the aisle you sit on.  Fix out another way to doctor your group's tax returns.  Screw you all.

That said, it is actually frightening what the IRS has done.  They have zeroed in on groups with such words attached as "tea party," "patriot," "conservative," and "limited government."  Yikes.  Does that mean the New England NFL team is going to be audited??  

Forget the levity for a moment.  This is scary shit, folks.  

All right, I'm sure this kind of nonsense has gone over for years, both Democrat and Republican.  The two party system that is effectively destroying America always has one side persecuting the other.  All in the name of freedom.  

We're in big trouble, sports fans.

But, this time around, the current IRS fracas seems just a little bit dirtier.  From what we read, this nefarious practice was instituted by some "lower level" IRS employees.

Really?  No.  REALLY???????

It's all incredibly dirty and, for once, lots of folks agree.

Except for this one month's Moron.....
That's Julian Bond.  Former head of the NAACP and yes, both this old fuck and that antiquated organization are still around.  Intelligent people (everybody that does not watch Chris Matthews regularly) stopped caring about them years ago.  Mainly because their business model of fighting Jim Crow laws and back-of-the-bus ridership dried up years ago.

But, every once in a while, a douche bag like Bond seizes an opportunity to fan the flames all over again.  When it comes to Black-on-Black crime or unwed mothers or welfare fraud, Bond has nothing to say.  But, as soon as the right opportunity arises, he will be the first in line to yell fire in a crowded elementary school.

Let's look at what this fossil had to say about the IRS scandal.

"I think it's entirely legitimate (for the IRS) to look at the tea party.  Here are a group of people who are admittedly racist, who are overtly political, who've tried as best as they can to harm President Obama in every way."

Bond told this all to some dope on MSNBC.  Surprise.

Meanwhile, let's think about what this clown just said.  More talking points and generalizations about folks who disagree with the direction of the country.  Time-honored traditions in this nation.  Remember the hippies?  How about those felons who bombed buildings in protest of the Vietnam War?  And the dirtbags who have openly called for the execution of every Republican that ever sat in the big chair at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  That's not right either, Julian.

Indeed, it's almost laughable how the Tea Party is portrayed.  I picture a scene from some 1932 Warner Brothers movie.  With the Black guy tied to a wagon while a bunch of folks sporting Wamsutta pillow cases jiggle in secret.  

Uh huh.  From a more independent perspective, I see the Tea Party has a group striving for financial conservatism.  We cut back on entitlements.  Oh, wait, there's the racism.  Because if you want to cut back on those pork barrel departments devoted to funding Black-on-Black crime, unwed mothers, or welfare fraud, you must be racist.

Got it?  Six Degrees of Sidney Poitier.  Thank you, Julian Bond, for the time travel back to 1965.   

Bond continues.  He mentions that, back in 2004, the NAACP was targeted by President George Bush.

"They are saying if you criticize the president, we are going to take your tax exemption away from you.  It's pretty obvious that the complainant was someone who doesn't believe George Bush should be criticized."

Right.  So, if that did happen, guess what, Julian?  Payback is a bitch.  So nobody has clean hands.  And that includes you, who probably benefited quite lucratively for years as head of the NAACP.  Trust me, you wouldn't have taken the job if it didn't pay well.

So, Julian Bond is scared of the Tea Party and calls them "the Taliban wing of American politics."  The MSNBC idiot nods in unison.  

And we're all a little worse off than we were the day before.

You want to know what I'm afraid of?  Relics like Julian Bond who are still being given soapboxes to preach from.  Schooling us all on principles that most of us graduated from years ago.

Dinner last night:  Louisiana sausage at the Dodger game.


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